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​Many people often want to know if I don't eat much, then why am I still gaining weight?
You may be storing fat, and you may have a high stress level that is causing you to hold onto the fat. Sometimes people starve themselves and the body holds onto the weight! 

Will I ever reach my weight loss goal if I don't exercise?
You will lose a lot of weight, but depending on your body mass, you will need to get some cardio in there to lose the rest and build up the heart muscle. 

How to lose the stress, it makes me go to the sugars and salt! You have to pray for self control, and do my 20 day rule plan. I teach you how to make your mind up first that's the hard part, then attack the stress issues! Put the sugars and sodium foods out of sight! When your stressing, get a massage, and light aromatherapy candles, and take a quiet bubble bath with some smooth jazz playing. Release the stress and practice breathing. Love yourself, if others don't celebrate you then remove yourself until you can handle them!

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