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​Angela will burn the fat off and teach you good eating in her diabetic cook books! Did you know the first commitment about weight loss is just by making up your mind! In my books and my Memphis cooking classes, I will teach you how to beat the odds of falling off the band wagon. I am IBS, and was in severe pain often. With my new eating habits, I am pain free I also have my blood pressure under control. Read my book and l learn about the twenty day rule! Here are some recipes you will find in my book! 

1. Grilled chicken wraps
2. Better than banana split
3.Grilled salmon with Swiss cheese and unsalted gluten free blue chips
4. Lowfat Chocolate Strawberry Brownie
5. Turkey meatballs with tomatoes, spinach, and cheese
6. Angela's good morning juice
7. Orange you surprise
8. A taste of winter frozen grapes
9. Vegan on a skewer
10. Burn baby burn

I know your mouth is beginning to water now, think lean, but eat hearty!

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