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​Angela H. Brown was borderline Diabetic, and needed to get the weight off fast! She prayed first and began her journey on her weight loss. Angela was stressed and learned she had to let go the stress as well as the weight. As she began losing the weight, Angela noticed  her choices of foods were limited! Angela decided to develop her own recipes. As the weight began to come off, she learned that she was no longer Diabetic. She lost 60 pounds and her doctor gave her the news of a life time! He announced she was DIABETIC FREE! Angela is healthy and has learned what foods marry each other!

As both an author already of two published books and a Memphis motivational speaker, she decided to publish her third tell all book on losing weight and how to keep

Living Diabetic Free: Memphis Cooking Classes and More

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it off. LOVING THE FOODS I USE TO HATE / LIVING A DIABETIC AND STRESS FREE LIFE! Enjoy her DVD as you cook along with her in her kitchen and enjoy her mouth watering delicious meals! In the Memphis cooking classes, Angela will also educate on Diabetes, Gluten foods, Herbs, and tips on shopping at the grocery store. Learn how to release the old bad habits and transform yourself with budget friendly life style change! Angela is now a size 6(was a size 14), and she is keeping it off, YOU CAN TOO!

Eating Healthy Can Be Fun!
Read this inspiring book and see how fun, quick, and healthy it could be! Moms, you can include the kids in the kitchen and make it an enjoyable experience! They will love you for it, and your reward will be healthy children. Kids are  becoming more and more obese,they continue to eat fried greasy foods, and have too much sugar and salt in their diets. This is a microwave world. Learn what you and your body Deserve, and take control of your bad cravings! Educate yourself with her book on how over six hundred million people have Diabetes, and millions have gone undiagnosed. Start enjoying life all over again, and eat to live and not live to eat! I HAVE THE MASTER KEY TO WEIGHT LOSS!

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